* Original game by Viacom
* Code by Cooper of Paradize
* Gfx by Exocet of Checkpoint and Sts
* Msx by DmaSc of Sector One, most of them composed with 'maxYMiser' by gWem
* Beta testing by GGN/KA, Marcer/Paradize, Strider/MJJ Prod, Tito Teclado


* All STf and STe with at least 1Mb of ram (dma and blitter recommended tho)
* All Falcons (not tested on all accelerated machines), NVDI DISABLED.
* Clean boot prefered, with disk's write-protection off.
* POOZ runs from any folder and ST resolution.

NOTE : The game was originally designed for STE machines as it uses DMA to replay samples and BLITTER for animations as well as STe colors for fadings, still it runs on bare STf tho maybe a bit slower.

Want to last longer in bed ? Need some viagra, cialis, valium or god knows what other kind of drugs ? These days most mailboxes are invaded by such nasty spams... Today YOU have a chance to fight the pills invasion and keep your system clear from all these threats ! But you'll have to be fast, VERY fast as only true fighters can prevent the seemingly unstoppable spreading of coloured pills.

1 player mode only needs arrow keys to move around and spacebar to swap/delete pills but you can also plug a joystick or jagpad to play thru the whole game.

In 2 players mode you have no choice tho as player 1 will have to use keys only while the other player will have to use a joystick or jagpad.

POOZ offer a rather wide range of modes you are truly invited to visit, esp if you plan to unlock all goodies :) Be it alone or with a friend, we are proud to offer you a variety of ways to kill pills !
Simply use keyboard or joystick to move around the various sections offered. As you go below the last one, as small arrow icon will appear, meaning that you can leave the game. Scores or unlocked items are automatically saved to a pooz.dat file that you should NOT delete unless you feel like losing all scores of course :( In the main game, you can use ESC to quit or 'P' for PAUSE tho this key is DISABLED in Time Attack for understandable purposes.
main menu

* CONTINUAL is the basic game. Move your player on the centered grid and prevent pills from reaching you as long as possible ! If you face a pill of the same color then 'space' will delete it from the board. Otherwise you can swap this color and use it to delete another pill of the right color. A counter is displayed on the upper left part of the screen and shows how many pills need be deleted before you reach another level (as indicated on the upper right part). As you reach the quota, the game speeds up hence adding a challenging difficulty. That's when we'll see how good you are :)
continual mode

* LEVEL : if you feel like adding more spice to the original game, you can go for this option as you can set speed and pills height when game starts. A harder challenge that only talented poozers should be able to face :)
level mode

* TIME ATTACK : unlike other modes here the grid is already filled with pills. You are then given limited time (90 seconds as a start) to delete the special pills, being the white ones. Easy isn't it ? Sure but next level brings another board with 6 pills, then 8 and so on... Time will get a bit longer later as you'll need at least 2 minutes when it comes to delete 10 pills and more ! Remember that when you manage to complete ALL levels, you'll unlock a very nice goodie :)
time attack mode

* TEAM : no surprise, now you have 2 cursors on screen ! Your goal is still to delete as many pills as possible with no time limitation. However you have to remember that once too many pills reach the centered grid, game is over. This mode mostly plays like 'continual' as described above, tho I would like to add that you can swap or delete pills THRU the other player, in other words you don't have to face DIRECTLY a pill to be able to act on it. Good to mention I believe :)
2 players in team mode

* VERSUS : if you goal remains unchanged, competition between players is now raging ! Note that the first player can only delete the pills located above and below while the second player can only delete pills on the left and right sides. Still it is STRONGLY recommended that you 'steal' colors from the other player to delete your own pills. Every time you delete one pill it spawns another one on the opponent board. Hmm, nasty !!
2 players in versus mode

* COMBO is undoubtedly the trickiest mode ! Before reaching the arena, you are prompted to choose how many chains of X pills you want to reach. Say for instance that you go for 4 chains of 3 pills. Then the first player who manages to delete 3 pills in a row gets one chain and so on. BEWARE : if you directly put two pills of the same color in touch, you delete them ! It means that you'll have to be VERY smart to swap pills and delete them ONLY when the required number is reached ! I guess it's gonna take you some time to get used to it as this is the most challenging part of the game !
only for hardcore poozers !

Being cool guys we decided to reward hardcore gamers with a few sweeties :) To unlock most of them you'll only need to score a decent amount of points in the various sections. The first cards won't be hard to unlock, others may be a bit trickier but I swear that this is worth it ! As you reach the required score a message will be displayed, inviting you to visit the LAB. Of course unlocked cards are saved to disk so that you won't have to unlock them again. There are 9 cards and I can tell you that while some are only funny artwork, at least 3 of them are a true feast ! But you'll have to find out about it yourself :)
many bonuses await you here !

As you can guess this screen mostly displays the boring "who did what" things as well as a few greetings to the people who have helped out and also shouts to our Atari fellows.
who did what and more

These are ingame explanations, a bit like what I'm currently writing except that you'll enjoy a few animations as well. Please note that you can use left and right arrows to move to the previous or next page or 'space' to go back to the main menu.
how to play POOZ ?

And after reading all this boring crap, you are strongly invited to download our game and send us some feedback to pooz@atari.org

Some boring history spreads here : at Outline 2004 Cooper showed Exocet and I what he had done so far and we decided to redo most gfx to bring our best. We didn't know that it would take us that long since more than one year and a half has gone by already ! Above all we wanted to bring the BEST quality we could and surely it implied more work than planned but with talented guys like Cooper, Exocet or DmaSc you couldn't expect less. We hope that you'll enjoy the final result and be grateful enough to send us some feedback.

DISCLAIMER : this game has been successfully tested on most ATARI computers, sure we didn't give it a try on emulators or coffee machines so that if you face a nasty bug - on the real thing - you are invited to flame us asap ! Note that if you get drug addicted after playing the game or if your dog suddenly dies... it's none of our business !

STS signing off